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What makes a hat?

Your headgear offers a visual form of your character and style. This hat only works if you are comfortable and feel good. It is a direct reflection of you.

If none of the above are true, you are wearing the wrong hat!

A hat captures the essence of you.

A hat is clothing for the head. Fabric shaped into a form to fit around the head. Made with natural materials, a hat reaches back in time. A 5000 year old coolie hat was spotted in the Thebes tomb painting by its clear triangular form.

Worn as a form of protection against all weathers. A hat has been used to keep the head warm, dry, away from the sun and to ward off extreme conditions. Any cloth, fur or wool fashioned round the head is a covering for the head. From hoods to halos head pieces are crafted by skilled milliners and hatters.

Back in the day, crowns were used to celebrate status in society. The Egyptian Pharaoh’s wore tall crowns to create the illusion of height. Ancient Greeks introduced a crown for winner of the Pythian Games held at Delphi every four years in honour of Apollo with bay laurel leaves.

Hats had a function and role in society. Not until the courts in England and France flouted an array of hats did this change. Encouraged by King Henry VIII, courtiers were encouraged to explore bigger and more elaborate styles; these were the first fashion hats. that did not show status or offer protection from harsh weather conditions. No one has ‘played’ with hats before.

Demand for hats increased as these decorative headwear developed into the ‘must have’ accessory. Luton accommodated most of the English hat makers. From hat factories to block making to hat trimmings, they could all be found in a small area. Even their football team was nicknamed ‘The Hatter’s’.

...’must have’ accessory.

Hat etiquette has changed with time.

Rules were followed when hats had their hay day. No one left their home without a hat. Hats were removed when they went indoors. Although they still exist they are relaxed in casual contexts. However, in formal setting and military protocol still demands they are followed as a sign of respect.

Iconic designs are clearly defined by shape and often identified with a name. From the bold bowler to the cheeky breton, a sharp peaky blinder cap to an elegantly designed cocktail hat they all offer a ‘je ne sai quoi’. Hats have that alluring quality to draw you into their space.

... clearly defined by shape...

Today hats come in all shapes and sizes. Materials have changed. Exquisite fabrics are mixed together to give even more variety. There is no end to the possibilities. Limited only by your imagination, hats can be made into a style of your choosing.

You are limited only by your imagination...

Find your hat..


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