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What a Spectacle!

All accessories add to a look, reflect your style and give a glimpse of you. A look at the inner you reflecting out. Your values, a sense of being and your personal choices can all shine.

...reflect your style...

Wearing glasses with a hat changes a look. It is vital to leave a gap between the hat and the spectacles. The hat can appear to ‘sit’ on the glasses. The space offers definition for the glasses and the hat. That space offers a clear image for the artistic formation of a style.

It is vital to leave a gap between the hat and your spectacles.

Some insights from the experts:

Glasses and sunglasses styling is carried out by dispensing opticians, who must undergo several years of training to become qualified in their field.

Jane Turner, Practice Manager and Dispensing Optician at Leightons of Addlestone, explains, 'Spectacles and Sunglasses are the 'useful' jewellery we wear on our face. They can give clarity to our vision, protect our eyes from the sun, let us see the colours of the world and give us a look we want to portray.

There are so many ways to make you stand out from the crowd.

As an Optician, we are delighted to help find a style that suits your face and lifestyle, to create a different look for work, rest and play.

Personally, I have helped several ladies where we have had to take into account wedding or formal outfits, and have sometimes turned towards rimless spectacles, so as not to detract from the hat. Or we've gone for sunglass lenses in a tint that complements the colours of their outfit. It all depends on the look you want to create.

At Leightons, we love working with small, independent brands with high quality, unique and beautiful products. You can book an appointment with one of our qualified dispensing opticians and we can personally discuss your ideas and needs, whether you are looking for a bold, eclectic style or a natural, light rimless frame - with or without a hat!

Hats give the wearer a new and sometimes dramatic silhouette. Each blocked hat has a defined crown that may differ from a head shape. A conventional fedora, a formal bowler or Stetson all have unique shapes. This offers an individual look. A brim comes in many shapes and sizes too. The way a hat is worn is personal.

There are no rules. Prescription glasses maybe the starting point. An outfit and other accessories follow. Taking account of colours of the frames in the hat gives the wearer options. From a personal addition of that colour or layered decoration to a repurposed the whole hat, there are so many options.

There are no rules.

A hat angle is so important. Worn straight on the head, hats create a certain shape. These hats are limited and only suit some people. One in five of us can wear a hat in this position. Most heads need the hat to be at an angle. It all relates to the symmetry of the face. No two people have an identical look.

Some hats can be adapted to realign the centre. There are hats that pull over to one side of the head like a beret or baker boy cap while others have flexible brims that can change the shape, a snap brim on a modern fedora does this. Other hats like a baseball cap are less adaptable but more versatile in other ways.

There are a number of factors to consider when wearing a hat with glasses. It must reflect your own personal style. Colour is a key factor and size matters! You can disappear under a hat. The brim may pull forward to obscure your view of the world and vice versa!

It must reflect your own personal style.

Harmony adds a further link to the outfit, accessories and hat. This may be matching, toning or be a clear contrast. Consider all these elements in your choices. Sunglasses, a sun hat and holiday gear can all be planned to offer an edgy style that you make your own.

- In collaboration with Jane Turner

Find what works for you..


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