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The Road Ahead

Australasian sheep produce the softest finest wool fibres in the world. Lois Donohoe fell in love with these strands as she worked them into projects within her Textile Degree. She found these fibres so versatile. This wool opened up a whole new world for her to explore.

At the beginning of the Lockdown, Lois found her career path changing. From a factory in Scotland Barrie knitwear to her MA in textiles, she focused on performance knitwear and stab resistant knitwear. When the pandemic hit, she was encouraged to start her own business. Having always done knitwear, she followed her dream. Her passion has become a reality as she opened her new ‘Without Borders Studio.’

...she followed her dream.

A new beginning in her home studio; she began to work her magic on her favourite material. Yes, she turned her attention to the merino wool she loved. These quality strands offered so much more than any other wool. The nature of it was unique, the texture with intense shades in the colour palette all impacted on her choice.

Now, Lois has her wool spun to exacting specification in Italy and shipped to the United Kingdom. She chooses the colours and combinations to suit her creative designs. Every detail is planned to reach her goal.

The knitting is all carried out by Lois herself. Her enormous 1960’s Dubied knitting machine is situated in her rather chilly garage. This kit offers her so many possibilities. Each colour combination is made up of specific knitting patterns and techniques. Every strand of wool links the fibres in a special way. By creating her own fabric, she can offer versatile and unique patterns.

By creating her own fabric...

Carefully constructed hats and scarves evolve with beautiful matching mittens from an idea in her head. Her work is individual and adds warmth on our chill spring days. Her bobble hats and beanies offer a toasty experience for the head.

Each step is crafted in the UK. Lois has a keen eye on sustainability too. Her hats are classic icons to wear and keep for years in the future.

Her designs and patterns are created with love and detail.

A little more about Lois in photo form below!


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