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The Lady under the Brim

- Joolz Joseph

A glimpse of Joolz Joseph offers a different view of life. From under her brim she takes us on a journey that has always involved a hat. Her passion for hats started when she was little, as a knotted handkerchief was the start of her hat adventure. At the tender age of ten, she respectfully explained to her Mum that she had to wear a hat to a family wedding.

...a knotted handkerchief was the start of her hat adventure...

More hats featured as she grew up. Her go to gear as a student: an impressive hat, long skirt and high heeled boots gave her a stunning silhouette of confidence. This continues to this day as she is a big believer in hats as a way tomake an impression. So much so, it became a part of her brand.

Joolz explains that she has so many hats; they have become an extension of her personality and mood. As an e-mail marketing strategist and marketing motivator she runs her own consulting business, is a university lecturer, as well as a caring mum and warm-hearted friend. Joolz followed up with, ‘This is just a small part of who I am.’

...she has so many hats;...

But her love of headgear has very much crossed over into her personal brand, featuring in her company logo (also her name). Her last business ‘The Virtual Marketeer’ started the trend as she used a Musketeers hat due to the similarity.

Today, her Joolz Joseph brand features a favourite style of hat, woven into the ‘J’ of her name. She has become as well-known at local networking events for her love of hats as for her marketing skills, with one associate calling her “the email marketing lady in the hat”.

Joolz Joseph brand features a

favourite style of hat...

Joolz believes in always being authentic, and her hats are a part of that. For Joolz, a hat makes her stand out, but it can also allow herto hide and divert attention as it often becomesthe focus of a conversation. In this way, whilst a vibrant hat can be an ‘icebreaker’ it also offers a distraction. At times, Joolz has used this as a way of avoiding talking about anything too personal. Other times, it is a mural topic that can be used or a stepping-stone to the next one. Whatever route it takes, it often forms a part of the discussion!

Joolz believes in always being authentic...

An asymmetric brimmed blue velvet cloche hat is her absolute favourite. Years old, the attraction is in the colour and the style, along with the fact it suits both her style and her personality. Fun, a little cheeky but still smart!

Joolz talks about a hat drawing her in. It is often the colour, the shape and the feel when she wears it. It must reflect her and her personality; often she will change her hat to reflect her mood within.

...a hat drawing her in.

With so many hats to choose from, Joolz has the luxury to match her hats to her outfit when she heads on out. As she gets more eco-conscious, she is focused on building a capsule wardrobe and hats she has had for decades can set an outfit off, allowing her to differentiate it.Generally, Joolz favours smart outfits to support her look.

A lifetime selection of hats, built up over years, as something takes her fancy, or a friend gifts her one, has given her a somewhat varied collection. For special events (and speaking opportunities), a rather edgy top hat features in her collection to take things to a new level.

...a rather edgy top hat features in her collection...

Her mum wanted to embrace her love of hats in a visual way. She painted a picture for her daughter featuring all the hats she wears (metaphorically, and literally). She captured her love of a good hat within the painting ‘What hat will Joolz wear today?’

Terrific Teacher, People Person, Awesome Auntie, Marvellous Mummy, Excellent Executive, Devoted Daughter and Gorgeous Godmother were just a few!

She captured her love of a good hat within the painting...

If you’re just building up your hat collection, Joolz recommendations on choosing a hat (and other accessories like earrings) are to pick something that suits your personality, which you feel comfortable in, so you can really go out and own them! She recently had the thrill of gifting one of her collection to a friend’s daughter, who clearly has a passion for hats, and she hopes it will inspire her to enjoy a lifetime of these stylish accessories!


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