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The history of the Fedora


Can a hat with ‘no name’ exist?

This anonymous hat appeared on an American stage in 1889. The hat without a name was worn by the actress, Sarah Bernhardt. Bernstein as she played the character, Fédora. She wore this soft brimmed hat with a centre crease. Fédora, the name of the play, Princess Fédora, the character and the hat with ‘no name became a huge success.

All the names merged together, the hat with ‘no name’ was called a fedora. After the show, this fedora hat became a fashion item. The shape offered a softer hat image than other hats of the time. A felt hat with a crown and brim: shaped with a centre fold in the crown offered a distinctive shape of its very own.

...the hat with ‘no name’ was called a fedora.

It was not until the 1920s that men began the wear the Fedora. Sported by Prince Edward of Britain this was the most popular era for the fedora. The fedora replaced bowler hats, flat caps and top hat.

This was the time of prohibition and gangsters, so the fedora became linked to both of these. Liquor was banished. Hats were part of the identity of the time and a symbol of the decade.

Gangsters wore fedoras, they pulled the brims down over their faces to hide their identities and gave a cool image. Famous rogues donned these fedoras making them synonymous with their unlawful activities.

Gangsters wore fedoras...

A political change, new ideas and new fashion all bought the turbulent era to the fore. Prohibition enforced, suffragette movements demanding change and the burden of poverty all linked to the economic revolution. A wild combination of life in the United States with certain beliefs moving across the water to Britain and Europe.

Fedoras were revived, in larger than life images, on the Silver Screen. Actors like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and many more wore the fedora. Media influences brought them back into fashion.

Right up to the current time fedoras are worn. Certain celebrities use hats, like the fedora as brand identity. The author, Terry Pratchett always wore a fedora. Many musicians have worn fedoras and continue to choose this silhouette for their performances: Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears and many celebrities wear fedora hats at this time.

Right up to the current time fedoras are worn.

Fedora hats are handcrafted or mass produced in a factory setting. They come in a wide variety of colours. This original profile of the fedora hat remains constant. The crown has one indent and the brim is quite wide and soft. The fedora can be worn in both a formal or informal setting. Race meetings, weddings, garden parties, ceremonies and so many other occasions are opportunities for hats of all shapes and sizes, particularly the fedora to give a distinguished and stylish look.

...the fedora to give a distinguished and stylish look.

A timeless fedora hat that comes from the past, dominates the present and has a bright future.

How to style your own Fedora..


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