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The Hat that never comes home

Imagine returning home without your hat. You place it carefully on your head, step out on an errand, look stunning, but your return journey is less impressive! This experience happened time and again.

This is exactly what happened to Gynna, a hat designer in Mexico City. She styles her hat in her own unique way. As a journalist, she was out and about. Someone in the street would stop her, compliment her hat and ask where they could buy one. When she explained that she designed them herself and could sell the hat from her head and the public jumped at the chance. She was stopped in an airport by a passenger just about to board a plane. Her hat took off in a completely different direction to herself! It's the hat that never comes home.

She styles her hat in her own unique way.

Eventually, she decided to use her passion to setup her own business. She has the hats made in a local factory, near Mexico City, to her own specifications. They are all formed in a beautiful array of colours.

The bright pallet offers a stunning backdrop to the bespoke finish that Gynna designs with layers of texture and colour. Every hat has a bespoke look.

These elements on her hats offer customers a hat with a sharp shape and a blend of matching and contrasting finishes to her hats. Her customer base is wide ranging. The younger set choose vivid colours while older customers tend to pick from a more muted pallet. Gynna revealed that she starts to cry when customers buy her hats. It is an emotional time.

...she starts to cry when customers buy her hats.

Her Sombrero hats are very popular all over Mexico and beyond. All wide brimmed hats are called Sombreros in Mexico. On a business trip to Colombia, her hats sold out on the first day of a three day exhibition. She has always been keen to keep her hats at an affordable price. Her aim is to make them accessible to all her customers.

All wide brimmed hats are called Sombreros in Mexico.

This strategy means she takes time to choose materials that match her philosophies. Her hats are made from soft faux suede. The crown is angular and the brim straight. A gangster style would best describe the shape, while the colour range offers so many choices to the customer. Add to this a handmade decoration on the hat, this is a match made for fashionistas across the world.

She doesn’t stop there. Her repurposing of jackets offers an edgy finish to an outfit too. A matching hat and jacket would be red carpet perfection.

Have a look at a few of here creations below, or follow her on socials @SombrerosAbelina.


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