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Hats at Home - A floral garland!

That ‘old hat’, at the back of the cupboard, in the corner of the drawer or at the bottom of that box may need some T.L.C. As summer approaches, it is an excellent time to find that straw hat or a light sun hat. There are some many possibilities to lift it.

Using flowers is one way to change the look. They give colour and texture to a tired hat. Use the tones to explore the shades around the hat. Just place the floral pieces on the brim of the hat before you start to fix them together. Move hues until you are happy with the combinations of the flower groups.

Look at the size of each bloom. There are a number of ways to progress around the hat. Large blooms tapering to small blooms are affective. Equally sized flora can be dramatic too. Even small petit flowers bunched together add elegance in an understated way.

Silk flowers can be wired together with a series of twists and turns. Fresh flowers will create a

sensation. This is short lived. It must be made and worn on the same day. Take care to remove

large pollen laden stamens. The pollen will permanently stain your hat!

Our expert florist, Nina Dales at Symphony of Flowers recommends bending a small section of wire first and laying it alongside the stem of the first leaf. Using a large leaf first to cover the wiring (there’s about 8cm underneath the ivy leaf) and binding round.

Carefully pulling the second leaf to the side and slotting in your flower. Then use the same binding technique as the leaves. Then put the second leaf back where it was to cover the wiring.

Making a little loop and binding the end.Putting the other end through the loop and binding it, once on the hat. Cover with largest leaf. Create small bunches of flowers before fixing them into the leafy ring.

Add bunches of blooms and space them at intervals into a spectacular garland. Make the floral display a little larger than the bottom of the crown of the hat to hold it in position. New floral garlands can be swapped around to different hats. You can make up a variety of floral decorations. Each one is unique. Hold your head up; your hat is adorned with a circle of love.

Follow the guide below.


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