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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

A moment in time, two sisters came up with a plan to help the local artisans in their small village who were in trouble. The Pandemic hit everyone but was worse in places where there was no support. Their mother had been making food and giving them clothes and money but the sisters knew this was unsustainable.

How could they help?

Using their design backgrounds, they put their virtual heads together on zoom calls with the supporter of Google documents. More than 3000 miles apart they realised a dream to create a company together that employed the artisans, giving them the means to live on a small income.

…they realised a dream…

They designed a ‘Lounge Wear’ range of clothing that has sold out. Not only did they plan new clothes they wove in a little part of their culture to set their clothes apart. From intricate tie die patterns made with fine string wrapping to block printing from the past they designed their creations. Some embroidery, an embellishment of lace integrated with beautiful trims for cutting-edge designs they are flying high.

Lockdown changed our lives. A new business came out of the blue for Aparna and her sister Millie. In Faridabad in the state of Haryana which is a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi, the artisans were left with bathing.

Using their backgrounds in fashion, the sisters came up with a rather special way to support these families. Employment for these people would give them hope. It was a major decision to move forward as the sisters didn’t know how their new business would progress.

A big step, YunikuLondon was launched. With the need to make their clothing in small numbers, they talked to textile mills, chose special colours and the production commenced.

…they talked to textile mills…

A deep breath, the sisters moved through each stage of the process. Their family artisans

created the patterns. Families collaborated to offer a full service in the process. Younger members became apprentices as they helped with the jobs. Now three integrated families create the patterns, cut the natural cloth and talented artisans stitch these exquisite garments.

From the ‘seed’ of an idea has flourished into a business. Each new collection in pure, natural, sustainable fabrics is sold out in an instant. More stock is on the way, so you can order at your leisure.

From the ‘seed’ of an idea…

From dresses to two piece outfits, these ensembles can be dressed up. An outfit for a celebration, special event or party could be worn with a Hat. The linen dresses offer a striking outfit for a matching or contrasting hat. From a fedora to a sombrero to a cocktail piece, they all offer a great styling look. Pick a colour, play with the shapes and add accessories to suit you.

A scoop on the next limited collection offers us glamorous party designs in their unique style. Ready for our Christmas celebrations, the new alluring pieces are on their way. Trimmed to perfection, adding elegance to our wardrobes.

Detailed designs are in the pipeline for the New Year too. More garments are in progress to expand the collection. Some pieces are available on their website. All styles are available on a made to order basis following their sustainable ethos. More opportunities are open in Aparna’s studio and the chance to have a virtual consultation is also an option.

They love to help high street independent boutiques and are actively looking for likeminded stockists who would like to place short orders within UK and Europe.

Discover some more details about where you can find Yuniku London below...


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