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Roy Smoothe has created his own unique music genre called ‘Smoothe Mixx’ that brings together inspirational, motivational, sports and educational messages with a whole selection of mood, thought provoking music. This combination creates easy listening on so many levels. An inspiring message to a thought provoking story all reach the listener through a multitude of music platforms. From Amazon to Spotify to iTunes and 140 more worldwide, Roy has streamed to 147 million listeners in 4 years, beaten some of the biggest names in music to achieve multiple number one hits on the Amazon R&B and Soul music charts.

He also offers individual support and group workshops on personal branding. The aim is to help clients market and deliver their own brand in innovative ways that stem from that person’s strengths. It is all about being true to yourself and believing in their products or services.

He reflected on hats in this own personal branding and noticed that when he’s out with celebrities they would get noticed by fans who would then ask after Roy and request pictures together. His flamboyant image gets him noticed. His stylish red bowler hat is memorable and stands out in a crowd.

He rubs shoulders and works with TV and sporting celebrities, and world-renowned thought leaders in the personal development space.

From a chance meeting with Sir Clive Woodward at Buckingham Palace, to working with sporting legends Nigel Benn and Chris Eubanks.

While using Smoothe Mixx to take client’s inspirational messages to the next level, he applies his skills, and experience to find the cool factor, engage new audiences, develop and

monetise the brand, product or service.

Roy has recently released a new Smoothe Mixx EP single on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify called 'Giving is Exciting', with ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here King of the Jungle’ Harry Redknapp. Roy is very excited by the project and said " couldn't get any cooler than this, creating another chart-topping hit with Harry, who is such a people's legend." The 4 track EP features Harry narrating to a funky dance tracks, and club mixes with all the profits will go to a local charity ‘Dorset Cancer Care Foundation’.

His advice to people just about to start up their own business was to be true to yourself and create your unique brand that brings value to the marketplace.

When using social media from a young age to reflect and only write positive messages. Negative messages come back and bite you! Your personal brandidentity can shine from a young age. Find out what is inside, find your Cool factor and develop that.

Someone in my circle kept copying his brand. He would wear similar clothing combinations; he copied his shoes, his style of luggage. He thought, ‘What can I do to stand out from the crowd?’. He put on a bowler, immediately noticed more people commented on his look: the hat, the glasses and the shoes.

Roy recalled, ‘I was walking through the lobby at a Dallas entertainment event, where one guy noticed me amongst the crowd, and came over to chat; he had recognized me from seeing my brandstory online and wanted to connect to me.’ This happens quite frequently in his world.

With a collection of ten bowler hats, Roy is ready for the next step in this career. From the Hard Rock Hotel, London who hosted the unveiling of his bronze statue complete with red bower and stylish USA Stars and Stripes jacket, his image adored the foyer next to Elvis Presley memorabilia and John Lennon’s guitar. All iconic music legends were on show including our very own Roy Smoothe. This Brandstandsculptor was a spectacular image that will tour some or all of the 78 Hard Rock Hotels worldwide wherever Roy hosts his unique BrandStorming workshops, watch this space...

Roy shared his latest project on Charles Ark by the author Mike Payne that combines everything he holds dear. Working on the project as the Global Brand and Licensing Director gives him the opportunities to share his own values and connect with brand identity, personal brand and expand its fashion and product design space. From a Children’s TV Programme to unveiling the series in Cannes next year, he is forging a magical concept.

Stories in Smoothe Mixx style will stand out from the crowd with a clear message too.


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