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Seizing an Opportunity

A mother shared her passion for fashion design with her daughter Ojoma. This grew from a wonderful childhood hobby to a solid foundation for a business idea.

She magnified her plans, noticed a gap in the market and launched her online business in 2013. Her professional journey began and ‘Dear Curves’— her newly founded company — was born.

Her latest fashion collection was inspired by a plethora of experiences. From poetry to travel, each element awakens the senses from tactile touch, sensory feels, wild patterns, crafted combinations and layered textures. All combined with some Nigerian hand painted designs wrapped in a ring of love. These intertwined for Ojoma to create her new collection, ‘Inikpi’.

Customers of ‘Dear Curves’ enjoy boutique quality garments made with elaborate complex fabrics. A popular leopard print kimono has sold well due to the comfort and style enjoyed by the wearer. A silk and chiffon wrap around dress offers the wearer a formal or informal look. This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down and lasts for years, her customers keep their outfits for multiple wears.

Every garment shines with a touch of glamour. A beautifully tailored gown that gives each curve a touch of elegance. Individual angles and fold planned to show off the customers shape to cascade around the body in flattering tucks, stunning pleated and hidden gathers.

The longevity of each garment supports the sustainability issues that face all fashion production. The route to market is carefully monitored with Ojoma taking steps to improve her source suppliers all the time. Always striving towards more ecological materials, Ojoma is collaborating with a Danish company to produce capsule garments in ever increasing green pieces. Watch this space.

‘Dear Curves’ is a British Company owned and run by Ojoma. She uses her skills to make garments that are special. This begins with sketching ideas, inspiration comes from a number of areas. Sometimes the fashion of a particular era may give a silhouette, while life and colour around us have some influence too. Textures and materials are the final choices. Cutting fabrics to fall and cascade are key requirements in design too. This garment is not finished until it is worn.

The wearer makes the garment. According to Ojoma it is all about the story and the narrative around the outfits. From the ladies in Nigeria, that hand paint some designers to ecological factories that support people on their journey to production, all elements are important. Clothes that are made with love look fabulous and feel magnificent to wear. What more could we ask for?

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