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Repurpose and Recycle, Sun Hat Magic

A sun hat is essential. Of course, we all have a favourite hat. The problem is that hat may have seen better days! It sat on the beach, got blown into the water, flew down a path but was safely retrieved for another adventure.

...that hat may have seen better days!

The result is a scuff, a water mark and a little colour fading. Now you have choices; to wear it as it is with its past on full display, a history of events that mark it with visible scares. A more practical approach is to take your hat to a place that covers up some of the damage and offers a new lease of life.

...mark it with visible scares.

A new look can be reached with a little effort or more time to create a stylish form. The subtle change can be achieved with a scarf that may be reused. Scarves can be tied round the headband in a variety of ways: a bow, a knot, hanging ends, twists and folds. All these actions create a texture in their design.

...more time to create a stylish form.

More work with a dramatic look, can be made with a discarded necktie. This form is made on the bias of the fabric giving it an instant appeal round the hat. Now you can let your imagination run wild.

There are so many different ways to work with the tie. You can just wrap it round your hat but it will look like a necktie wrapped round a hat! More elegant looks include fixing the tie on the hat in line with the hat band with excess fabric over the brim.

Another approach is to knot the tie in a new way, make asymmetric loops. I have a video to show you this. Choose a necktie that you are not going to wear again. Any action with the fabric that adds elements of texture work well. Folding, pleating and gathering all give a depth to the material.

...adds elements of texture...

Take time to consider your plan. It is important to cover rough edges and make your work as neat as possible. Cover up any ugly stitched; a button can be an instant solution. Enjoy your repurposing and up cycling experience.


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