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Pimp that hat..

‘Pimp’ big or ‘pimp’ small, that is the question. Make a statement with additions to your hat, change the silhouette and the splash colour. Take a spoonful of adventure, a drop of daring and an abundance fun, these features offer endless possibilities.

Pimp’ big or ‘pimp’ small.

The first step is to choose a hat. Pick a hat that suits you. Use a shape that you like. The crown can be altered. Consider the size of crown to give you the height you want. You can add to elevate this or wear a scarf under the hat too. A brim can be increased in size. Some edges can be cut. This defines the final shape. Both elements give a unique silhouette to the hat.

Pick a hat that suits you.

Every hat can have a change. It can be worn in a variety of way. I use the expression, ‘Work that hat!’. The hat can be worn straight on the head. This is a normal straightforward action, but only one in five people suit this action! The reason is not so obvious; it may link to the shape of the head or the symmetry of the face. Small undetected features make the central position of the hat look ‘wrong’.

An asymmetric placement can add a great look to your repertoire of possibilities. Take a little time to push the hat to one side of you head, then try the other side. One way is always favoured. It may link to your hair style too. Other opportunities arise if you bring the hat forwards on the head so the brim covers the forehead. A final thought is the push the hat right back on the head. This brings daylight to the underside of the brim and frames your face. There is no end to this ‘playful’ action. Use your mirror and ‘work’ that hat.

...add a great look to your repertoire of possibilities.

To add that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ there are a wide selection of choices. From a simple ribbon to an extra feather. these small adjustments may add colour of texture to your look. The bigger the events the more drama may be added. Leap into feathers, from a bold array of ostrich feathers to a fringe of rooster plumes to adorn your hat. Add layers of interest with fabric, look for sheer trim or lace and finish with a central element like a button or broach. This is open to your interpretation. A leather of faux may offer a base, add a few feathers and finish with a jewel. These additions may stay in the formal boundaries of the hat or extend to offer more drama in the final shape.

A more drastic and irreversible move could offer more exploration in your ‘pimp’ journey. The crown and the brim can sometimes be detached and reshaped and fashioned into a new style. Deconstruction could be the last resort if you have not reached your goal in other more moderate modes that are less invasive strategies.

Taking a hat to a new level makes it unique. You can elevate your look. There are opportunities to repurpose that hat.

Take a chance, that hat will continue to take up space anyway!

Try something wild, or something simple!


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