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Lily Go Lightly

Lily loves hats.
Lily wears hats.
Lily takes hats to the next level.

Lily shares her passion for hats. She has an amazing hat collection. Hats went unnoticed until she found herself on Portobello Road. Surrounded by colours, textures and accessories, she could pass this chance to buy a hat and take a ‘slice’ of the atmosphere home with her.

Her first hat purchase came in the form orange floppy hat. This heralded the start of things to come. Since then, Lily has taken a great liking to the fedora design. She enjoys the varied colours in so many shapes and forms. Always the same, but so varied in their construction.

She loves a neutral pallet in hats and clothes. This offers her great harmony in her unique outfit combinations. From her head to her toes, she takes pride in her appearance.

...unique outfit combinations.

Starting with the hat, Lily chooses her clothes to compliment the hat. Each element holds the key to her look. Her clothes, accessories and shoes all link to her hat. Every detail is considered.

Lily is always exploring new ideas and incorporating hats. There is her ‘Hat Collection’ and more hats on her ‘wish list’ too. Each hat is considered very carefully, she points out that a hat stays for life. A select few that offer her lots of opportunities to wear is the solution.

Lily sports a beanie for a casual image. Chilly days and extreme weather all require a warm hat. She sometimes alters the shape to work on her head to give her beanie a new angle. Always a stylish image when pulled over the head or edged back to show some hair.

She likes to make a hat statement. Her philosophy is clear. A cutting edge silhouette offers her the best branding image for her nutrition business. She never goes out without a hat.

She never goes out without a hat....

Stay up to date, or connect some more with Lily here -

Facebook and Instagram: ➡️@lilysamuelsnutrition

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