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How to style your bobble hat

Dobble with a New Bobble...

Add a ‘pop’ of colour to a hat. Plain hats, woolly hats, bobble hats and even the edge of a scarf. The options are endless. Colours can match, tone or contrast, it is your choice.

The options are endless.

From a small idea can come a great creation. The world is your oyster, there are so many possibilities. First choose your hat. Decide what you want to change; the silhouette of your head by making a giant bobble, adding a colour on the current shape, adding a detail to the band or edge of the hat.

Step one: Choose your hat...

All these ideas can be achieved with the simple pom-pom. This can use up add scraps of wool to achieve a multicoloured bobble. The larger the cardboard rings the bigger the final result. One single colour offers a strong ‘pop’ of colour. More bobbles add even more drama. Any type of wool works. There are no limits.

I have mentioned the double cardboard ring to make a pop-pom but there is also a pop-pom maker that I came across recently. This makes the activity so much easier. ‘Child’s play’ comes to mind. The kit is also wonderful for dexterity and not too hard to follow. Bobbles appear at speed with the kit. Even faster bobbles may be purchased.

The positioning is vital to create the look you would like to achieve. One bobble on the top of a wool hat will give some height. A group of bobbles can add both texture and drama to a whole collection of hat styles. Three bobble and a feather on a fedora hat will change the look. A bobble on a string alters a particular shape and can be effective. A double pop-pom on wool chains gives a cute image. Bobbles at attention around the hat band could be fun. Explore pop-pom size too; this adds depth of vision and perspective too.

Your ideas can be used to explore the best position and optimum place on your hat. It needs to feel right. Happy ‘bobbling’ ........

Do share your results and tag us so we can see @thehathistorian

To get you started, here is some inspiration...


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