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How to - Create a hat from a jumper

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As fashion becomes more sustainable, we can all consider repurposing a knitted sweater/cardigan/top. You may wonder how ... Well, I would like to share a way to take a sweater and turn it into a hat and so much more!

There are challenges and you have to be brave. A ‘loved’ sweater is hard to part with. There may be a mark, something has broken. You may just not like it anymore.

This could be something from another member of the family. Children grow out of clothes so fast. Any knitted garment can work. The main criterion is that it is soft to the touch; a hat is close to the head. (If it is too old it will disintegrate, it will not work!)

You will need:

- Old sweater,

- 2 sheets newspaper

- Sharp scissor & paper scissors

- Pencil/felt pen,

- Wool yarn

- Wool needle


Lay the sweater on a flat surface. Look at the chest section and back first. You need a finished edge for the brim of your hat. Measure your head and add 5 centimetres. Start by drawing a simple beanie shape on the newspaper. Add a boarder of 5cm. Use this to guide your position for cutting. Place on the edge to give a detail and cut carefully. Using double thread join the raw edges with an over stitches hat are close together. These stitches have to hold the knit formation. If you space them, go back over the seam. This is the most important action. (If this is not done properly, the hat will fall apart!)

The fun part is to develop the detail. The top can be gathered. There can be tucks sewn in, add buttons, sew appliqué sections or bobbles to match or contrast. The options are endless.

If you find you are struggling, watch below for a step-by-step video..


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