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How to - Add beading to the edge

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Lee, a hat lover introduced The Hat Channel to beading on the edge. Anything from a bowler to a sleeve can take beading. Tiny beads give an opportunity to create a pattern within a panel of beads. Larger beads have their own identity and structure.

A hat has its own profile structure that is determined by the silhouette. Embellishments that add to the look are eye catching while ornate pieces can stimulate layers of interest.

Taking time and trouble to repurpose a hat makes it your own. There is nothing better than building your own identity into your hat. A pop of colour, a new colour introduced or selection of layers to texture a look all add to the final image.

Beads are particularly good with incandescent hues as the light hits the spheres. A magical image that captures shimmers and shines all in one. Choose colours wisely to embellish your hat to give elements that make the final image really stand out for you.

Check out these 3 videos for an easy follow along guide to bead your own Bowler Hat:

Thanks to Lee Innocenti for the help with this article!

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