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Hatz Exclusive - Rafael Peinador

No one does it better...

A scoop interview with Rafael Peinador, as he returned from the Madrid Catwalk. First move into fashion as Spain opens up to ‘Brain and Beast’ in a runway drama that featured the exotic fantasy of two visionary designers. With theatrical flair these Spanish creator used zoom meeting to build up their vision. Angel gave Rafa opportunities to follow this own creative journey within the parameters of the collection.

...follow this own creative journey...

Using a theme and linking ideas, Angel let go of the reins to give Rafa freedom to add so much more. As a designer, this is difficult to do! Making statements so that the hat would be the centre of attention in a couple of outfits, while others linked and supported a look. Incorporating materials and designs are no easy task, but Rafa was up for the challenge.

Rafa wanted to incorporate his signature broaches into one hat creation. Using tulle in an imaginative way, they created a bridal piece that cascaded and moved as the model progressed along the runway. An explosion of the senses was incorporated into the specifications. No stone was left unturned.

An explosion of the senses was incorporated into the specifications.

Every detail was assessed. Angles and shape, size and proportional had a place in the plan. Two hats were sized for particle models but swapped at the last moment. Hats were created with soft peach felt and materials they both loved and even some they ‘hated’! Sending a message and offering the audience and potential buyers a mix of emotions. The ‘Brain’ linked the logic of the design while the ‘Beast’ explored untapped avenues in a surreal place.

...while the ‘Beast’ explored untapped avenues in a surreal place.

A collection of spectacular hats were made, every detail explored and a final exquisite hat was crafted. From these beauties, the most stunning pieces were picked out to feature on the catwalk. A trip to Madrid for both Rafa and his hats was planned with precision. Hats were shipped to Madrid and carefully checked for damage. Rafa took all the tests and precautions to fly out and join the show. He was able to work with the stylists. Using his skills to position hats and add a touch of the theatrical that gave them their ‘edge’. His stunning creations were gender fluid and offered a new dimension to some spectacular looks.

...a final exquisite hat was crafted.

A show like no other, ‘Brain and Beast’ took Madrid by storm. With limited access, the audience were a privileged group who took this experience to the next level. Outfits and hats combined to reach a harmony that no one would have thought possible.

A link and focus with a touch of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ all came together as one.

Later Rafa revealed the name of his new collection out in May. He has promised ‘The Hat Channel’ an exclusive viewing. So watch this space!

Watch the The ‘Brain and Beasts’ Catwalk in Madrid here.. or see some images of his amazing creations below...



Mobile: 07531307955

Facebook: Rafa Peinador

Instagram: @rafa_peinador and @rafapeinador_men

Twitter: @rafa_peinador


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