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Hatz Exclusive - Lara Lauder


No one Does it Better

...a true entrepreneur

Positive energy is a key component to building confidence. Lara Lauder an Independent Presence, Impact and Image Consultant has brought all her experiences together to give her customers fluid guidance to offer empowerment with visibility and drive. A business must be noticed to make progress.

"A business must be noticed to make progress."

She is a true entrepreneur. Even little Lara at the age of seven saw opportunities to make money. In her home on the Isle of Wight, she charged her mum and dad for tea in the morning! School did not focus her energy. Her love and passion of the stage and drama caused academic subjects to become a distant memory. To her surprise, she found herself working at the local bank. Her skill set promoted bank products very well as she could sell ice to the Eskimos!

"...she could sell ice to the Eskimos!"

When she chose to move on, her creative ideas led her into teaching. Her own teacher from school interviewed her for a teaching assistant position but refused to offer her the job. He felt strongly that she should be the teacher in the class. Boosted by his belief in her, she trained to become a teacher and moved quickly through the ranks to assistant principle. This ignited her passion to build up children’s confidence in themselves to reach levels that she has only dreamt of in her own education.

"This ignited her passion."

Having built up her confidence in herself, Lara branched out and bought a Travel Business Franchise Using her charisma and charm, clients were transfixed by Lara’s creative descriptions, exotic destinations and attention to detail in the planning . (dramatic experiences). This took her balance sheets to new levels and proved valuable when she sold on her data base.

Her own world changed dramatically, prompting necessity for time to reflect. Her own body sent signals that she needed to refocus her energy to build up her own health. With this in mind, she had her colours done to inspire her way forward. Little did she know that this action would alter her personal and professional goals for the future.

Colours helped her come alive in such a striking way that she booked a styling workshop to further enhance her experience. Within a month Lara had planned her own training in this field. Her new career had been launched.

Her own personal experiences culminated at this point, she realised that she could help others. Her new business came to life. She trained hard and soon became an award winning Presence, Impact & Image Consultant. Her work involves a deep connection with her clients as she offers guidance and individually crafted support.

Results are so much more than styling. Linking the individual to their personal core values and later a new look. No part of the process is left to chance. A carefully orchestrated process is individual with clear goals.

"Results are so much more than styling."

Confidence and empowerment are embellished with colours. Client step into the process with their own goals but leave with these reached and often surpasses. She gives her clients the tools and confidence to wear clothes that say who they are.

"Ensure what you wear is who you are".

Body confidence is so important. Lara does not encourage us to go shopping frivolously but rather build up a capsule wardrobe where everything can be mixed and matched. From hats to accessories, using the right colours means endless combinations. A great option to reduce our carbon footprint, natural fibres and the right clothes will work. Lara loves to explore the possibilities at the charity shops. A hat bargain that can be embellished, pieces of clothing remodelled with endless accessories add to an ensemble.

" shop from our wardrobes."

She challenged herself to buy no clothes for a whole year in 2020. She wanted to show that by knowing your Colour & Style and building a wardrobe that works you had an outfit for any occasion. Everything co-ordinated together in a variety of ways, including hats.

With something on your head, you are dressed from top to toe. Lara tends to wear hats for protection against the elements in both cold and warm conditions. Her mantra holds true that the individual must feel good in a hat in order to look good.

Working the hat can make take a look to a new level. The angle of the brim and the position of the crown add more and reflect the wearer. Every garment and accessory is important.

For ladies the right colour lipstick can make or break ‘the look’. Men should consider colours too. A pop of colour reflects a mood and shows their audience a small glimpse of their character. Lara points out those first impressions are key.

"A pop of colour reflects a mood..."

Do not underestimate the first seven seconds of a first meeting...


"Authenticity is the key."

- Lara Lauder


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