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Hatz Exclusive - Gee Huntz

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Style it up

...he takes his appearance to the next level

Gee Huntz has style at his fingertips. From a young teen he took his appearance to the next level, creating outfits that were one of a kind. He took his look seriously. Going into fashion at the start of his career, he loved textures and colours.

"Gee Huntz has style at his fingertips."

His path forward got blurred as he lost his direction as a young adult. Only when he searched out a new career as a barber did there seem to be more sense and explained in his journey into creative hairstyling. Just an hour out of New York City he was well placed for the influences and drama that go with a vibrant community.

His customers were keen fashionista’s who discussed their ideas with Gee. He was able to guide them and offer suggestions both for the hair and on their heads. Hats have always been a feature in his personal wardrobe. From baseball caps, to fur hats and wool fedoras and straw hats for the summer, Gee has worn them all.

He now has an extensive hat collection.

Now, Gee uses his personal experience to build up his modelling work. Using the internet he orders dozens of hats. Not content with a hat as it comes out if a box, he tries to remodel the image. A new silhouette is his aim. Sometimes he steams the crown with everyday objects and looks at synergy for a new creation. Once made the hat has a unique quality that brings out inner beauty.

"...looks at synergy for a new creation."

As he chooses a look, he first picks the outfit and finally selects the hat. With over 300 to choose from, Gee has to make his cutting edge choices to give a combination that styles his image. Colour is his friend, making more of bright colours and combinations that work. There are some many possibilities.

To give an example, Gee shared a planned shoot today when he would wear a double-breasted two piece suite with Monk double strapped shoes for his ‘slimular’ brand with a repurposed hat with a special brim. Later, a topcoat planned with rangy jeans topped a very wide brimmed ‘Zoro’ hat will feature in the picture formation too.

After a recent ‘big’ birthday Gee is aware that an image is a whole combination of ‘how you feel’ and the clothes you wear. He aims to be authentic. His style offers something new. Each combination is a breath of fresh air.

When asked what tips he would give other hat wears hat he makes a remark, it depends if you want to offer a memorable look or a flashy image. A hat ‘on a fly-angle’ could work. It all depended on the image you want to communicate.

"A hat ‘on a fly-angle’ could work."

His ‘Hat Cave’ adds a dimension to his tasks that only he can make. Combinations, layers and textures are all key elements in the decision process. Each garment and accessory are planned to offer the clothing that captures an atmosphere. Even the surroundings impact on this. Every part is planned and filmed by Gee. He can create more than one look in a day.

These ideas are shared for real authentic images. His passion starts on the inside. With pink as a favourite colour, he uses this and his personal ideas to add drama to his image in every form. The line is so important. Gee uses his hats to give this form an even greater edge.

His passion starts on the inside.



"Each combination is a breath of fresh air."

- Gee Huntz


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