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HATVENT DAY 9 - Anita Jacobs

Hats Changed My Life.

You may think ‘it’s just a hat’ but, for Anita in a new country as she followed the ‘love of her life’, it was a little different. Her passion had always been accessories as she moved into the workforce to promote jewellery - all types of adornment from heavy earrings to bracelets, necklaces to broaches. Her style and flair got her noticed and companies asked her to help them with their own products.

Her inspiration came from the four seasons. These changes in weather exponentially expanded Anita’s wardrobe and sense of fashion. For the first time in her life she needed to buy jackets, sweaters, boots and this is when she discovered hats.

Using her skill set she brought clothes, accessories and hats together. People asked her where to buy hats, which hats would best suit them and, from this, her new business took shape. Now, as a hat promoter and hat influencer her work takes her to new places. Conversations begin with, ‘Where did you get that hat?’ and move on to how to build up confidence with styling.

When asked how she chose an outfit for herself, Anita explained that she considers her mood first. Her next idea is to pick colours that will compliment her style. She brings her hat choice out first and used this to guide her towards an outfit. Finally, jewellery and accessories are added to give a certain look with every detail considered. Her final pieces are a balance of tones and textured layers, all adding to her final image.

She works with small millinery businesses making bespoke headwear and hat brand factories. Her new work and business flows through the United States and Canada. Even her native Thailand has sought her expertise for help in promoting new designs.

From her current New Jersey location, she can take hats to a new level. Her aim is to support more individuals and help them build up their confidence. For Anita, hats are a vehicle towards something intangible whilst offering so much more.

The inspiration behind every hat links to the designer. Anita’s milliners make hats for her whilst she liaised with the factories to support designs and colours that best suit her client’s needs. Anita can guide you towards the best version of you with a hat that works in every way.

See some of Anitia's amazing hats in the November issue of The Hat Channel Mag.


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