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HATVENT DAY 7 - Manthe Penton Harrap

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Just a Hat...

Decisions on what to wear present themselves daily. Styling success encourages us to wear eight or nine points of interest. Manthe, who owns ‘The Grace and Style’ explained that these points are varied and link to the character of the wearer. One of them could be a hat. Your choice of clothes and accessories impact on your feelings.

A hat is practical and finishes off a look. They are practical and a secret from Manthe can cover up any manner of hair situations! A bad hair day would benefit from the attrition of headgear. On a sunny day, your head is protected and you shine with happiness.

The right clothes give you confidence, make you look younger and offer clothes that wrap around your body shape. Sounds like a winner to me. Manthe goes on the say that colour is the most significant feature. Get the correct colours and your skin tone glows. Once you have established the accurate shades and tones for you, these colour hues work for life.

Colours are determined by many factors in our lives; our favourite colours, negotiated colours in our homes and colours around us. Artists have followed their own feelings and picked particular sections of the spectrum. Jack Vettriano, David Hockney, Monet and Van Gogh all kept within their favoured range, from striking ...... yellow based tones, to cool shades and warm muted strokes. Natural beauty offers more to this rich space in which we live.

This approach has certainly got Manthe noticed as she has become the Mayfair Ambassador for 2020 with community work to lift the spirits of everyone who both live and work in the areas and beyond. Her passion for dressing up began as a child. Her mother’s button box was a favourite place to delve into and find ‘jewels’ that sparked in the sunlight.

She continues to follow her passion by adding antique elements to outfits, decorating and layering all add drama to your final image. Detail matters; look at every part of your attire. Clothes are the backdrop for the composition of your look. It must be authentic and true to you.

Within the style world there is plenty of freedom to repurpose clothes, buy vintage and examine your own wardrobe, as Manthe would say, ‘Do you have any clothes living rent free in your wardrobe?’. Hats on the other hand have a right to their space. No one ever throws away a hat.

The hat may turn heads, showcase your look and frame your face. So the outfit you wear needs to be the right colour, have the style that suits you and be comfortable for the next step. Wear the clothes, add the accessories and finally don that hat, you are ready for everything.

A Christmas style tip from our top London Stylist. Avoid black and be jolly with merry vivid colours. Don’t be afraid to push the boat out and wear something daring with a matching hat.


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