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HATVENT DAY 6 - Lindy Lou

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A star role

Hats have a role on the stage. Lindy Lou, a London actress, explained that a hat identities the era and the status of a character. Costumes and sets also create the atmosphere for the scene.

This gives the context for the actors and the actions in their performances. A character links the show and the audience. Every show changes as the audience are new. The feel and atmosphere are composed of all the elements. The actors pose and the way their angle a hat makes it real.

Drama featured in Lindy Lou’s life as she worked as a teacher. It was not until she took early retirement that she engaged in the theatre. Taking her skills to the next level and emerging herself in the characters in her plays. This has been a whole new experience for her. Acting and stage performances have enriched her life to take her dream into a reality. Furthermore, modelling work is now part of her repertoire too.

Modelling came a little later. The shoots are diverse; from lifestyle, to catwalk to editorials and many more in between. The modelling industry is so much more inclusive now. Lindy Lou is deaf so understands the challenges in the workplace. At the beginning of my career my options were limited. For young people now, with hard work and determination, they can follow their dreams.

She wears hats off stage too. A hat for all seasons, sun hat, brimmed hats and warm woolly hats. A personal collection gives Lindy lots of choices. She also believes in sustainability. Hats can be remodelled; Linda likes to add flowers and feathers to create some drama on an old hat.

According to Lindy Lou, the best hats are on puppets, so the performance has a purpose. The story is told with a sequence of hats to denote the passage of time and the nature of the characters. Visual, create and driven by a story, this makes a wonderful image with hats flying around.

Hats feature in all parts of Lindy Lou’s life. She chooses all types hats: new hats, vintage hats,


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