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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Our Award Winning Milliner

A mysterious blend of passion, intertwined with a hint of Victorian glamour. Injected with a romantic Gothic feel to expose underlying emotions and transform ideas into hats. This magic takes place in Buio’s studio, deep in the heart of Turin. Our award winning Milliner, wrapped in silk, tucked, seamed, twisted and turned with natural fibres that have been worked in a labour of love and crafted into a formation that reflects a narrative. Bejewelled and treasured hats by Buio stand out as ‘one of a kind’.

Influenced by ‘Degas’ from a young age, she began to ‘play’ with fabrics. One of her early headpieces in her father’s shop window attracted an artist across the threshold. They discussed it at length. He wanted to paint it. In fact he was willing to buy it. Buio declined his money and offered to lend her magnificent headgear for painting. They have continued this partnership ever since.

Every part of her creations are done with a focus on the whole and of the detail. No part is left to chance. She crafts it with her own hands and uses her own emotions. Her talent is driven by her feelings in the creative process. Every headpiece is different, the shapes connect and ideas culminate and form as the elements intertwine.

A ‘Timeless’ theme evoked a drama of fire that could not be quelled. Immersed in high quality textiles surrounded by a range of emotions, they ignited charged energy together. Buio reached into the inner depths of her own tragic history. Feelings of grief are captured as time stands still in that moment in time. Similar to a Shakespearean tragedy, the heroine’s untimely death immoralities her forever.

Buio came to create a remarkable ‘Final Judgment’. This takes life and the fragile balance of beating hearts and as the last day of life. This left no chance for a final kiss. Linked to the metaphoric representation of the impact of life lost and love not forgotten. Written by Buio, “I’m gonna rip out my heart at the “Final Judgment,”and my dreams will be dripping through my fingers, as last regret.” This resonates with the gravity of a situation that changed everything, but the loss is not lost. Loved ones embrace the memory for eternity.

Within this form, I asked Buio to explain her creation in detail. It all began with the rich, textured, natural fabrics. She pointed out that polyesters and chemicals in materials were no use. The crisp delicate and tactile pieces were needed to make this hat. They offered more light and movement within each element of the hat. She emphasised that natural materials are our life and future. A palette of black, green and red adorn her hats in a marriage of colours. Embroidery is worked into the right places, positioning is very important. Handmade lace is painted to highlight the colour she wants. She can add a ‘touch’ of colour. Everything is a journey to reach my goal.

When asked what makes a hat ‘magic’ it was an easy answer. Buio said, it is the wearer that makes a hat ‘magic’. They bring it to life and it starts a new journey with the new owner of the hat. Her personal goal is to display her hats on a global catwalk and share her passion for hats from her studio in South Italy to a world stage. Each step brings her nearer to this.

She is always pushing myself. Being self-taught, she makes it her mission to achieve the designs that she has formulated in her head. What a customer want, their character and personality all present in the hat making process. She explained that she put her ‘soul’ into her hat making. I have to understand my client so that I can move forward. When asked how we could buy a hat, she explained that you need to contact her directly so that she can make a hat, just of you.

Read more about Buio in the June issue of The Hat Channel Mag!


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