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HATVENT DAY 23 - Christine’s Atelier

The Queen of Style

Coming from a creative family, Christine inherited these genes to work creatively with her hands. It was extraordinary that her design career began at the age of seven years. Her mother designed TV costumes while her maternal grandparents were a seamstress and gardener. In addition, her sister started a millinery business.

When her sister relocated, Christine started working with some of her leftover materials and creating hats for herself and subsequently for her friends. This resulted in the launching of Christine’s Atelier brand. She has eight staff and takes her designs to the next level.

Her love of hats in reflected in her work. The latest collection, ‘Less is More’ uses clean lines, structured stapes with a clearly defined accent. These petite statement pieces offer a small and spectacular image for the head: from beautiful bows to exquisite floral forms. Delicate lace and veiling are some of the decorations that can be seen in this collection. The hats have classic qualities to compliment a wardrobe, ‘must have’.

Clients choose styles that suit their character and combine this with both their outfit and the occasion. The parts are individual until they are worn together. An extraordinary image appears, as an ensemble emerges. A transformation takes place as the wearer puts on their headgear.

Taking a closer look, the black and cream straw brimmed boater consists of a full flat topped crown and stiff straight brim, crafting a solid form. Wired at the outer edge and cleanly edged with black grosgrain, this stunning hat makes a defining statement. Surrounded by a wide exotic ribbon on the crown this harmonise at their joining point to the brim. Furthermore, the gold embellishments intertwined with gold metallic braid sets this boater off. The finished hat offers both a formal and informal option depending what garments it is worn with.

Each hat is a work of art. Sustainability is a core value in the business. From natural dyes, when the colours can be achieved to repurposing a hat, to recycled plastic leaves natural materials redesigned. Christine works tirelessly to move forward towards even great levels in her company. Her artisans team are supported to achieve this, from valuing them as individuals to making the process both consistent and reducing their carbon footprint.

Atelier hats go above and beyond for her customers. Hat shape and size supports the final look. Christine is planning, more off the shelf hats in her current collection. She aims to share her joy in hats with her customers.

Flying feather, a myriad of vibrant colours, floating patterns, all cascade and fall within the design process. Caught in exotic arrays, these swathes of plumage adorn the newest creations in Christine’s studio.

I am delighted to announce that Christine was invited to embrace the role of President of ‘The Hat Guild’ since our interview in partnership with Folake Ogunbajo, The Lagos Stylist. Watch this space...

See her creations in the October issue of The Hat Channel Mag.


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