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HATVENT DAY 17 - Samanta Bullock

No Bounderies

Para-athlete Samanta Bullock is a very special fashion designer. She is surrounded by creatives that hold a passion in their hearts, compassion in their actions and live by the same caring values as herself. Love is their ‘secret weapon’.

Her mission is to bring people together. She offers a variety of solutions to problems faced in everyday life. Representation for the whole population was lacking. She strives to create a legacy in the powerful steps she takes to ‘make a difference in the world’.

Her aim is to offer inclusion for all. Key elements in her designs give her customers choices on what to wear. Styling for comfort is a key features in her work. Strong sustainability credentials are essential. A perfect combination for the foundation of her new developments is required. Adaptive designs are the way forward.

Samanta began this venture when she realised that there was a gap in the market. She could not find garments for herself. More accessible clothes for customers that are sitting all day were her first design challenge. All her clothes offer flexibility. Openings that facilitate easy dressing are important. Some clothes have zips on the shoulder, opening and fastening at the front, no harsh buttons or bands to dig into the body. These designs are essential for some people and useful for everyone.

The BeKoffee Collection in Portugal makes jewellery for inclusion. They created some magical pieces with a delicate message hidden from view with positive, passionate Braille messages etched into them. These hidden words are clearly visible in their use of dynamic communication for visually impaired people in the form of Braille, centred on meaningful semantic messages. This truly reflects the values of all the brands working together.

Her brand wants customers to have a variety of choices. She aims for clothes which are beautiful and stylish. If a customer cannot find clothes to fit, they fill out an online form. They explain their ‘pain’ and Samanta with her designers look for and find a solution. One inclusive step at a time, the team adds garments that support their customers.

More companies are wanted to fulfil the needs of the customers. Everyone is included. Her work knows no boundaries. New brands are welcome to join Samanta’s quest for full inclusion. A rich community of all shapes and sizes, with no gender limits, just a passion to live life as the best version of themselves.

All customers’ needs are recognised, sizes are supported, gender is acknowledged while both their values and the companies working with Samanta are aligned. No stone is left unturned for their client based needs, to add value to the experience for each individual.

Sustainability is at the heart of her choice of brands.

Samanta will only work with companies that have a significantly sustainable approach. Some companies use rescued fabric. This limits supply, but supports the environment. Each brand has a difference ecological footprint, with the use of natural fibres including vegan leather, organic cotton and fabrics created with fabric waste to identify a few examples. Many more areas are followed in support of this cause from manufacturer to use of discarded materials all add to the green credentials of the final products.

The process only works as designer groups work towards the goals. Samanta explained that it would be impossible to do this alone. Our strategy is a step towards our goal together. We need to make changes in our society and get everyone onboard one garment at a time.

Hat Cameo

Samanta suggested a jumpsuit by Caroline London. The trousers and tops zipped together. Different materials, various colours with a final combination of green top and grey trousers would work well for a look. A hat would be difficult for the wearer in a wheel chair, but a deep wide hair band in grey or green would complement the outfit to perfection.

Another outfit Samanta suggested was a soft long black dress. The skirt is busy with a full hem edging; this gives a good cover for the legs of a wheelchair user. A pleated, cascading fascinator would work well to balance and support the look.


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