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Hat Chat with Paul Brown

Trained as a chef, Paul Brown knows his way around a kitchen. Everyone wore hats from the commis chef to the top chef. Hats were for hygiene for all. Everyone had a job to do. Paul started at the lowest level and worked his way up the ranks. He noticed that the top chef had the tallest hat. The assistant chef also wore a tall white Torque Blanc but the height was just that bit lower than the ‘boss’!

He remains connected to food and has used his connection to bring his media business, Baked Bean Media into world class kitchens. Videos behind the scenes, capturing a story and sharing his enthusiasm in a familiar setting all assist him in these environments. His attention to detail is second to none.

His love of sport has influenced his angle on business development too. Baseball caps feature is his personal collection. He found an American Football Team called, ‘Cleveland Brown’. He bought a cap and still follows the team.

Paul has three passions, (that he shared!); food, hats and media. He has followed his dream into gourmet cuisine and continues this journey. The hat collection is developing as he looks to add more hats in the future. While media gives him opportunities to explore sports from every angle. Businesses are key in his work while his love of hats takes him on a different journey, a quest to find ‘the perfect hat’.

Talking about hats was a dream come true. He enjoys wearing his Fedora on a Friday night out. This sharp hat can be formal or fit into a casual setting too. A wide brimmed Fedora makes a statement. From the ‘Hat with no name’ this hat grabbed the name of the stage production of a French play, ‘Fedora’. Lasting for 200 years, this hat has a place in history to the current day.

Another popular hat is collection is the baseball cap. This versatile piece offers a causal look, makes a cool marketing tool with branding and a comfortable solution to wear on his head. So many uses of this distinctive shape. The shape has evolved while the fabric of the cap continues to change in innovative new materials.


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