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From Top to Toe

Pearl’s of Rikordo

Every hat is a story. Rikardo from Brazil has more tales to share. Rocking a fedora, he knows how much a hat can change our mood. He takes his looks seriously. A trilingual influencer with an event business, he aims to reflect his personality in everything he does.

As an artist at the start of his career, he felt that acting and dancing were not giving him his voice to express himself. Growing up he followed advice that did not make him happy.

When he followed his true love to England, he found work in restaurants and bars. His charisma was noticed. At the time, he noticed a gap in the market and made the big decision to launch his own business, Perilous, ‘Pearl’s of Rikordo’.

No stone is left unturned; he starts his day with energy and drive. His strategy is to work hard. Picking out clothes, he realised that he needed to find himself. He searched for his own identity. It was the most important part of his work.

He searched for his own identity.

On a trip to Greece, he met some fascinating people. A hat caught his eye in the crowd; One man was wearing a hat. Rikardo thought this whole image was amazing. He told him how well he had put his outfit and hat together, from top to toe. He grabbed this hat and placed it on his own head! The owner of the hat, a fedora thought it looked even better on Rikordo and gave him the hat.

This was the moment that Rikardo decided that a hat would feature in all parts of his work. As he explains, it is not the hat but the belief that colours and styles suit him that makes them fit together. Without that ‘The hat can wear you!’

Rikardo noticed that people were more casual on screen. In order to ‘up their game’ he has demonstrated and offers consultation to help define them on screen and in person. It is important that you create confidence about yourself; you can do whatever you want and be who you want to be.

Remember, one day it will be YOUR day. Get ready, make each day count. Be consistent and offer a clear message. When your day gets here you make it work in every way. Try hard, take time, and reflect on your image. Do not be guided by others, trust in yourself. Not everyone will like you. Never mind, get over it. Rikardo feeds on the ‘haters’ too. All attention is good attention. Having an opinion, making it heard adds to who you are.

All attention is good attention.

How does a fedora man take his hat to another level? This cockatoo uses feathers to show off his colours. Bigger brims, a style change all add to the drama of Rikardo. The hats must be at the perfect angle, styling can take thirty minutes to adjust the hat. Nothing but perfection. Each variation offers a new and unique look.

Each element of an outfit is planned to perfection. He chooses his hat and the clothes follow. As Rikardo believes that the inner you shines out, the outside is only a trim for the real you. Embrace everything and be open to new ideas. He believes that you are getting ready for the biggest day of your life.

Take the challenge, wear a hat today.

Discover more, or connect with Rikardo here -

Instagram - @perolasderikardo

YouTube - @perolasderikardo

LinkedIn - Rikardo de Oliveira

Facebook - Perolasderikardo


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