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Cutting Edge with Richard George

A love of smart clothes drove Richard into a career in tailoring. His father cut a dapper figure in tailored suits with smart attire that enhanced his elegant look. While his mother and grandmother were distinguished seamstresses. Surrounded by threads, machines and creative energy, he took these ideas to heart.

In his late teens, after spending some adolescent years with a local tailor, he reached out for an apprenticeship with a master tailor on the prestigious Savile Row. His letters were rejected or ignored. As a result, he took himself to London to pursue his goal. Knocking on each door in person, he got more than his fair share of rejections! Finally, a master tailor said, ‘Yes’.

He catapulted his career with his personable determination. This approach has stood him in good-stead. From the position of master tailor for a tailoring business in the Midlands, he learnt about the business, travelling the world to mills and meeting significant business owners he built up his personal knowledge and a sense of style.

The moment was right in 2019 to step out alone and launch his own brand, Richard George. Suits are cut from the most exquisite cloth. He matches every part of his business to his own exacting standard. A quality brand that is beautiful from the inside to the finished appearance.

His philosophy is to make garments that will exist for longer than we could imagine. Suits can be handed down through the generations. Classic styles go on forever. The lining, the finish and detail are all the important. Seams, edges and some flair are all encapsulated within just one garment.

His approach is to sell accessories that match his own exacting standard. Handmade shoes are offered at Richard George along with handbags and leather goods that are a cut above other pieces. Located at the grounds of Dallas Burston Polo Club, Southam his business is thriving. Customers travel to have the whole magnificent tailored experience and leave with suits, jackets, ceremonial suits and Dinner Jackets with so much more.

As he explores the hat industry, he has made on customer a three piece suit and matching cap. No detail is too much at this studio. Richard prides himself in offering the ultimate customer experience and it works. Customers travel for miles to order and buy from the best.

A Richard George suit offers comfort, quality and magnificent tailoring.

One day I will cast my shadow at his door! Book a discovery call with Richard to start your suit journey now -


We've included some of Richard's latest magnificent creations here, or you can view more online at


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