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Bringing Hats Together

What is a hat? Defined as a covering for the head, this humble beginning shapes our past. From the point of existence in caves, humans have protected their heads from all harsh weather conditions and continues to this day.

Designs and trends have changed but the humble craft hat has almost stayed the same. Looking at almost one hundred years, a friend shared a family outing attended by her mother. The fact that conical hats were made and worn in a mass leaves us wondering who made these remarkable shapes with tassels flying in the wind.

Preserved in time, party hats continue in the same format.

Often bought to celebrate a party, these conical hats are identical. New material, different colours but they are essentially the same. Worn as a Dunces hat in schools 150 years ago, has the shape improved?

Even cracker hats gave the same monotonous form. They offer height to the wearer and give a sense of camaraderie. A dress up event links the participants. Colour, shape and form are all considerations in the final result.

Am I the only person that thinks about this?..............


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