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Always say Yes

Something changed for Louise McMilan as she reflected: ‘It was still me on the outside but my inner self wanted more. With a diagnosis of cancer, I screamed at myself from the inside as I needed the real me to shine.’ Each step in her recovery was matched with inner determination to take a new path. She had to focus on getting better and ‘park’ her ideas for a while.

Her image changed as I chose to go bald. This created a stir in her family but her determination was clear. Every step would be clear. It was in the winter month that she realised she needed hats. Knitting little hats gave me a cosy place for her head. No hair meant she was cold outside and at night. These hand-crafted hats are a treasure now as they represent a moment in time.

She had been filled with self doubt all her life. Her head whispered, ‘Surely you are not good enough for this.’ Only an emergency appendicitis operation, during her chemo convinced her that her friends and colleagues really did like her that she began to believe in herself. Her self-doubt had influenced relationship and working environments throughout her life. Working forwards, she allowed herself opportunities to think big.

As she gained strength, she returned to her old life working in recruitment but one day she felt tension and anxiety were hovering within her. She saw the quote, ‘If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you’ve always got.’ She made a huge decision to step out to something new.

At this point, she met Nick Elston. He coached her to speak out. Her personal story resonates with every member of her audience. From one individual to an auditorium full of people, her goals are the same, to change lives. Her own journey maps out her difficulties in different situations and how she overcame them. The mental challenges and impact on relationships all feature in her story.

She was not the same person after her cancer. Having breast cancer and an appendicitis changed her outlook on life. She found her inner strength. Now she knows herself so much better. She reflects, ‘This is best thing that ever happened to me. It made me look at myself, my life, my values and my contribution to society a lot differently.’

Inner reflection offers her new opportunities and a defined purpose. She uses her skills to guide her clients to be best version of themselves. Her aim is to make a difference. Little steps to move forward....

Her philosophy is to "..always say yes!"

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