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There's a hat to suit everyone

A fashion scoop from top London stylist Deni Kiro: “Straw hats are in!”

If you ‘bag’ a Genuine Panama you will enjoy it for life, while other straw hats will last only a few seasons. From a giant Le Grande oversized hat to a neat crafted shaped straw, everyone will be wearing these over the summer. Don’t miss out; choose one that suits your skin tone. Pick one that you can wear every day, not just for your holidays.

At the tender age of three, Deni began to develop her career. She used her skills to play and examine fashion from every angle. Her drawing skills offered more creative possibilities as she progressed towards dress-design. University studies in Art and Design covering interior design and fashion brought her to exactly where she wanted to be. Her career spanned interior styling to personal shopping.

She supports private clients in their quest to have good fashion advice. Her aim is to ‘turn up the volume’ with their own personal style and work with their client. She aims to offer an elegant and classy look with a push into the unfamiliar and unexpected all based on elements that are suited to the wearer, right colour, flattering shape, style to match their character and something more. The offer of a surprise that adds drama to their look outside their comfort zone.

No one wants exactly what they think they want..

While her brand styling follows the same rules, she takes the journey with the company towards something new, innovative and spectacular. For example, working with a leather company, she used lifestyle and imaging to create a story in her sequenced plan. Detail is key and adds depth to her work and memorable images that give her an edge over others.

Deni explained that her work changed from one client to another but her strategy remained consistent. Another recent project was set in an ‘urban jungle’ using rooftops for the millennials in a timeless elegance with a surprise sharing next years trends. It is vital to be one or two steps ahead in the styling process. No one wants exactly what they think they want, variety and innovative ideas that attract attention.

One of her most memorable styling projects involved styling vintage broaches that were rarely out of their boxes. These timeless pieces would have worked so well on a hat. Jewellery is such a wonderful addition to give a hat some sparkle and a different look. This links to the area of sustainability in fashion.

Jewellery is such a wonderful addition to give a hat some sparkle

She has strong views of building in sustainability into her work. She will guide her customers to make green choices but cannot do more. Her classics are timeless, and often wears a dress for more than one occasion. As she pointed out, it is not just clothes that we choose but the way we live. Lifestyle has an important role in this. Companies like ‘Mother of Pearl’ give a great range of sustainable clothing. A ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ is an excellent choice for an eco-friendly path to sustainability.

The perfect outfit is only brought together by the wearer. The person comes first and the outfit compliments the wearer. Clothes must enhance what is inside, while a hat adds individuality for a creative extrovert. The hat must be the right shape, be a size that balances with body shape and a colour that makes the wearer shine. There is a hat to suit everyone.

She leaves her own personal style out of the equation and takes her clients from their perceived goal to a higher more demanding place that gets them noticed and attracts more customers. ‘Playing it safe’ is not an option. There is always a need to strive towards new goals, fashion does not stand still.

There really is a hat to suit everyone!


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