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A Hat Book in Progress by Tricia Hamilton

This is a story about hats. Taking the first step towards my own personal hat journey is a walk into the unknown. Hat history is intertwined into the mix. The dominance of hat styles takes on a route of its own.

As hat etiquette changed over the decades, the hat wearing customs altered.

Each hat has its own story. There is a new tale for every hat.

Selections of designs are linked to particular decades. Certain hats are synonymous with particular celebrities. From singing and dancing, to royalty to sportsman: hats feature in so many ways.

Hat wearing in the twenty first century has become discretionary. While hats around the world offer more than just a visual silhouette for the head there is so much additional information under that hat. Culture, beliefs and trends are all wrapped into the picture.

My aim is to take these strands and build them into a cohesive pattern that puts colour into the images for the reader. Hat will dance. Images take on a role while the magic is shared.


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