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We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Lara Launder as part of her 'Unlock Your Hidden Confidence' podcast. The 'Unlock Your Hidden Confidence' podcast aims to inspire you to connect with your true passion and purpose and help you adopt a 'Believe to Achieve' mindset.

Our main lady Tricia Hamilton spoke all about hats, and how her love affair with hats started. Our Hat Historian as travel the world, and you can discover a little more detail about her journey with the world translates into the ever colourful, ever changing world of hats.

She describes a fascinating life full of creativity through stories, showing the power of passion to ensure confidence and success, as well as how to feel confident wearing a hat.

Listen to full interview here:

“..if you're passionate and you really want to do something, take a little step. I think it's really good to take little steps and see what's out there. And if you find that all those little steps join up, and you can actually move in that direction.” - Tricia Hamilton


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